Life-sized Mummy

After years of using oil based clay I switched over to polymer clays for detailed sculpture. More recently I discovered Aves line of sculpting products and can’t truly express how integral these products have become to my sculpting arsenal. Granted, these products work very differently from most sculpting mediums & took a few dry runs to get used to their properties, but the time saved in the long run & final results were worth it. Unlike polymer clays, Apoxie Sculpt & Apoxie Clay do not require baking. This characteristic completely remedies the common problem of cracked final products. The fine detail possible with Aves sculpting compounds matches or exceeds any other clay or wax currently on the market. I have been using Apoxie Sculpt as a finishing material on all of my current sculptures with flawless results. Other positive factors of Aves clays include incredible strength and the ability to feather sculpted edges with regular tap water.
If I listed all of these products positive points it would appear that I work for Aves, when in fact I am just a customer who’s blown away by the service & products available from Aves Studios. Thanks for making my job a whole lot easier!
Mike Falcigno, Owner/ Sculptor -TerrorFormDesign

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