Strengthening Polymer

Apoxie Sculpt has opened many new artistic doors for me. I have been a polymer clay artist for five years and have felt restricted in my artistic visions until now. This product has enabled me to broaden my creative challenges. I now incorporate Apoxie to the exterior sculpts on my dolls. Before, I primarily used Apoxie on the underlying armatures for strength, but have mastered this wonderful product and use it whenever I can. You can apply Apoxie Sculpt over or onto cured polymer clays. After the entire piece is dry, I sand, drill, carve and paint. Apoxie can be painted when it is wet! For those of us that are concerned about fragile areas of the doll i.e…hands, ears, nose, feet…the list goes on, Apoxie Sculpt dries hard as rock. This would be a huge plus when shipping our dolls. Once you master this wonderful product, your sculpting abilities will never be hampered again. Anything is possible if you have the correct tools. Artist ~ Jean Bernard

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