Restoration of Dino Sue. photo 2 of 2

Dinosaur Sue is a historical find of a nearly complete Tyrannosaurus Rex. Discovered in South Dakota and purchased by the Chicago ‘Field Museum of Natural History’ along with support from McDonalds. While most of the bones were recovered intact 10-20% of ‘Sue’ needed to be restored. The fossil preparators chose to use Apoxie Sculpt brown to fill in cracks, and fabricate bones that were missing or incomplete. The color of Apoxie used was important to be able to differentiate what is natural and what has been recreated. If you look closely at Sue’s bone image, you will see areas that are a brownish-red color are Apoxie Sculpt. These bones were individually placed in a frame set up, allowing them to be removed by scientists and scholars for further examination. Apoxie Sculpt is very durable and will easily withstand all handling of these historic bones. ~ Chicago Field Museum of Natural History

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